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Hair Loss Kit

Hair Loss Kit

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The Hair Loss Kit is a 2-piece system formulated to nourish follicle roots & stimulate hair growth. 

This kit includes the following non-prescription products:

  • Replenish Shampoo
  • Rapid Growth Serum

Replenish Shampoo helps to create a clean and healthy optimal environment for hair regrowth and add fullness to thin lifeless hair, by expanding the shaft of individual hair follicles, leaving the hair with healthy body, volume, and shine.

Restorative Conditioning Treatment reinforces follicle roots to prevent breakage and build fullness and body onto thinning hair. 

Rapid Growth Serum is used to help restore hair volume, prevent hair loss, slow thinning, and stimulate new hair growth. 


  1. Apply a small amount of Replenish Shampoo to wet hair & gently work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Apply a small amount of Restorative Conditioning Treatment to hair. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Apply Rapid Growth Serum to the crown of the scalp. 
    1. Do not use it on your face. If you see a sudden increase in unwanted hair on the face, discontinue use. 

The products in this kit are gentle enough for daily use.

If you feel you need prescription level care for your hair loss, please go to our website at for a free online medical diagnosis and treatment (For our local clients, please go to

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