The A to Zinc Total Skin Protection Serum a completely novel product category, which combines the UV ray blocking abilities of 10% Zinc Oxide with the skin healing powers of 5 critical vitamins. Using proprietary technology to push the ingredients rapidly into the deeper layers of the stratum corneum, this product allows for maximum absorption without ingredient degradation, to perform the function of both blocking against destruction by UV rays and concurrently repairing with antioxidant and healing vitamins.

Check moles for the ABCDEs*:

*The ABCDEs of melanoma is used with permission from Dr. Rigel.

Find a board-certified dermatologist closest to you by visiting the American Academy of Dermatology Association.

The problem: Sunblock alone is not enough!

Light in all forms (visible, ultraviolet A and B, infared, and blue screen) harms the skin. It destroys key vitamins A, B, C, and E. Sunblocks can additionally prevent the formation of vitamin D, which is necessary for skin health.

Light exposure is responsible for premature aging, discoloration, skin cancer, spider veins, wrinkles, loss of volume, milia, dull appearance, and more!

The solution: Protect and repair daily, as early as possible!

Here is Dr. Kenner's daily routine for a lifetime of healthy skin:

In the morning, regardless of the weather:

  • Wash with a gentle cleanser or exfoliant.
  • Use SkinHappy A to Zinc Total Skin Protection, and reapply mid day.

If you need more moisture in the skin, or desire even more rejuvenation, apply the A to Zinc Serum with the SkinHappy ABC serums (SkinHappy Solution Series, Vitamin B3+ Stay Ageless Repair Serum, and C++ Antioxident Serum).

In the evening:

  • Wash with a gentle cleanser or exfoliant.
  • Mix together and apply all over face:
    • SkinHappy Solution Series
      Start at a low level and progress up over time.
    • Vitamin B3+ Stay Ageless Repair Serum
    • C++ Antioxidant Serum

These higher level healing vitamins take advantage of the skin working harder to repair itself at night, mopping up any damage that gets through the daytime defenses.

For added health benefits these three products can be used twice a day.


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