Our Team

Dr. Julie Kenner

SkinHappy ® is the world’s first online medical experience focused on treating both the visible damage of a variety of skin conditions and the accompanying emotional fallout that can profoundly impact self-esteem and limit patients’ social lives and work opportunities.

Dr. Julie Kenner, MD, PhD, Board Certified Dermatologist, and founder chose the name “SkinHappy” because it conveys her commitment to restoring both the physical reality of beautiful skin and the inner peace that gives her patients the ability to face the world with confidence.

Dr. Kenner’s compassion for helping others was molded by years of living in dozens of culturally and economically diverse countries. From a young age, she observed medical challenges in the midst of imperfect circumstances — from her twin sisters’ emergency birth in West Africa, to her own near-fatal appendicitis as a child in Turkey. As an adult, Dr. Kenner carried out medical missions and research in Kenya, Uganda, Peru, Brazil, Mongolia and the Soloman islands as a physician and scientist.

Caring for Others

Straight out of dermatology residency, Dr. Kenner was sent to Tripler Army Medical Center where, in addition to managing a huge caseload of patients within the hospital setting, she remotely treated the dermatology needs of military and DOD personnel stationed throughout the Pacific Rim, deftly navigating one of the world’s first tele-medicine platforms ever developed.

Dr. Kenner’s deeply nurturing nature has been a constant throughout her life. While in high school, she was driving with her younger sister when the weather changed and the roads turned icy. Losing control, the vehicle rolled twice. On their first turn, when the two were upside down and watching the windshield burst out of the vehicle, Dr. Kenner quickly hugged her sister to quell the panic, and confidently told her “everything will be okay”… and it was.

Dr. Kenner has always approached healing as a holistic endeavor, recognizing the inner as well as outer needs of the person.

Our Medical Aesthetic Staff

Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine graduated from the Defense Language Institute in 2011 and served for 10 years in the Army as an Arab Linguist in the 82nd Airborne Division & Special Operations Units. After her honorable discharge, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Emory University. She returned to Monterey and joined SkinHappy in 2022.Fun fact: Jasmine is a former powerlifter/strong woman competitor!

Jasmine enjoys microneedling because its results are backed by research (along with seeing the results on her own skin) and because it has little downtime. Her mantra in dermatology is be kind and patient with yourself, because beauty really is only skin deep.

Briana Coyt

I received my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Monterey Bay. While health/fitness has always been a passion of mine, aesthetics was always buzzing in the back of my mind. My interest in skincare peaked at a very young
age from watching my mother put on so many different night creams & serums. When I began struggling with acne, I fell down the rabbit hole of all things skin and decided to follow my true passion. Soon after I graduated I enrolled at The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose where I trained and then eventually became licensed.

Although I’ve only started my journey at SkinHappy, I've learned so much from Dr. Kenner and I can’t wait to educate my clients about their skin and help them achieve their skin goals! I know firsthand how it feels to be self conscious about your skin and I want to help others feel more confident and love the skin they are in.

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