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We know the emotional toll skin or hair loss problems can take.

SkinHappy has developed a system to take care of the whole you.

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Hi, I am Dr. Julie Kenner, Board Certified Clinical Dermatologist and PhD researcher; a lifelong scientist and trained formulator. I specialize in acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, and hair loss - each of which has many variations and therefore different treatments.

“Once I know your specific diagnosis, I create a treatment plan that targets your condition and tells you everything you need to know to heal.”

I've been providing compassionate, leading edge care to patients through teledermatology for decades. Join the 30,000 people that I’ve helped already.

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SkinHappy is first in class to offer all of these features conveniently online.

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  • Free, expert diagnosis
  • Manages multiple conditions
  • Sophisticated treatment plans
  • Customized medications
  • Coaching & emotional support
  • Skin & hair education
  • Photo tracking
  • E-Commerce for anytime Rx renewal
  • Patient Privacy Protected
  • Price Transparency
  • Modifiable Programs

Join the other 30,000 people who have already healed with SkinHappy

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Authentic Beauty Is An Inside Job

At SkinHappy, we know that you want to be unburdened by skin or hair loss problems. But you haven’t found a dermatologist who knows how to treat your physical condition and support your emotional well-being as well. And that can leave you feeling like you’ll never look and feel good.

Well, your search is over. We believe everyone deserves whole-person healing.

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You'll have instant access to everything you need to achieve the healing you deserve.

Your private portal includes:

  • Your treatment plan
  • Dr. Kenner's diagnosis of your condition
  • Photos of your progress
  • Recommended treatments with detailed instructions on when and how to use
  • Instructions
  • Daily reflections to support you in your emotional healing
  • Your prior order history
  • Approved medications